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Be careful before entering into a contract with a budget service provider
Take a very good look at the company before deciding anything and deal only with a business that has the highest customer satisfaction rate.

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When you are on the lookout for low-priced British hosting review sites, you will encounter websites with opinions that are written by experts and not by customers. This is wrong. For a review to be trustworthy it should be written by a real customer or ex-customer and not by a so-called expert. The moment you start reading an expert story you can already see where it goes: they just want to earn commission on their sales. The expert conclusion is always more Pros than Cons for the company. This is valid for every service examined by these specialists. Their ratings are sometimes 10 out of 10 but mostly it's between 8 and 9 out of 10 and hardly never lower than that. And, as if this isn't enough, the final caveat is that you, as reader of affordable United Kingdom hosting evaluation sites, will be asked to go to an affiliate link in order to visit the site of the web host. So these so called experts earn commissions. This has nothing to do with independent reviews, it has everything to do with pure promotion. Their affiliate links are hidden in most cases so it's difficult to see but it's possible by sharply observing the loading of the host site when you visit the link and you'll be able to see that it hops from an affiliate link to the hosting site itself. Or just look under the hood and check the source code of the page you are on. So all these experts earn commission from the hosting companies that are reviewed by them and this fact alone is enough reason to avoid web hosting review sites written by specialists as much as possible. Their opinions are fabricated with the intention to lure you into a contract that you never asked for. What I'm actually trying to point out is that these web hosting review sites never crack down on a web host. If there's any critique, it's soft and it will never cause a lower rating than 8 or 7 out of 10. Their conclusions are usually far from the truth. You can check out the video below to learn more.

Inexpensive web host reviews by customers from Great Britain

So this leaves us with the question what is the best step to find honest and trustworthy assessments on the Internet about all those web hosting services. Real authentic customer testimonials are the best source for this purpose. However, this is where another problem pops up: there are many fake reviews written by non-existing customers in ex-change for money from British hosting providers, resellers and affiliates. They are easy to recognise because they seldom publish technical details, often use promotional language, regularly show exaggerated emotions, are sometimes anonymous and, if they include a web site, it's often hosted by another service than the one they are writing about. This has little to do with actual true facts. See the picture below for an example of someone asking online for counterfeit postings.

person online, asking for fake reviews

The solution to finding affordable British website hosting reviews

So, what now? Apparently the whole web is full of fake reviews be it from experts or from customers. Is there a solution to this dilemma? Yes there is but it's quite limited. The solution is to search for a hosting provider that is honest and transparent about its account cancelation rate. Account cancellation can be considered as the best measurement to determine if you're dealing with a company you can trust. The more transparent a company is the better. However, when you search for transparent web hosting in Google the result is zero relevancy to what I'm talking about. All you find is cost transparency which is about no financial strings being attached to pricing and the theory of a host that unlimited plans are not transparent while limited plans are because the latter is the truth and the former is not true. This has more to do with technical clarity than with a business that is not afraid to expose its internal secret of how many clients cancel. And searching for web hosting cancellation rate produces also zero relevant results. Now, you can also take the other side of the coin and look for highest customer satisfaction rate. What you get now are results of customer satisfaction surveys. The problem with this is that most of these results are also not genuine.

Solution: search for web hosting lowest account cancellation percentage in and you find the page you are reading just now in the top results. What you will also find there is the only real transparent open web host in the world. You can also go directly to this business by going to the blue banner at the top of this document. This company is the only one I found that is not afraid to reveal its biggest secret which is a percentage of how many clients cancel. And they display this prominently on their homepage in top. It's courageous and it indicates that you're dealing with an honest, straightforward, and competition outperforming business that happens to be my own ideal provider for many years and I will always be loyal to them. Good luck in your search for low-cost web hosting reviews in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland!
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