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Dick Detering
Best regards from Dick Detering, one of ResellersPanel's many happy resellers..

Facts about free reseller web hosting you wish you'd known before you started your design business.

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As a Smart designer you will probably love this . . .

Web hosting resellers of the company ResellersPanel enjoy the lowest customer account cancellation rate. These resellers (most of them are web designers) love this since it means that there's no need to spend time on dissatisfied clients. And, what follows below is also interesting to know . . .

Another reason why the company's hosting resellers are able to spend more time on web development and design, is the fact that ResellersPanel takes care of everything including billing, technical support, customer care, after sales and renewal reminders, all on your behalf and without charging you. Below is one last fact you might like to know as well . . .

Resellers make approximately 5 times more than affiliates because their revenues are recurring.

So, to summarize it all: no cancellations, no complaints, less work, better revenue and free of charge.

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