Evaluation of Linux Hosts Inc. by a customer who has been with them for the last ten years on a cheap shared web hosting plan.

Do you know the web host with the lowest customer cancellation rate?

A real genuine opinion from Dick Detering who is one of their customers.

Linux Hosts' mission is to create hundred percent satisfied customers who will never leave them. My web host wants real strong relationships with its clients, while offering them the world's best web hosting packages. Support is the company's main priority to ensure that I always have a port of call. The company's technical support teams in the US and the United Kingdom are showing me, that the highest standards of web hosting knowledge and very quick response times are no problem. Their hosting specialists offer the technical support and service that I need to make my presence on the web a success. The approach of my web host is based on the acknowledgement that technical support should be the single most important factor. The company's staff and management endeavor to make me happy with every single aspect of their US and UK web hosting service. They have many years of experience which enabled me to develop not just a compelling web site, but a site that tripled my income, while selling goods, services, information and advice. Their creative team works with any customer, guiding him or her during the next steps on the Internet. Of course they love to have my business, but they want more than that: the web host wants to help me make my online presence so successful, that I will tell everybody in town (that's what I'm doing now!) to open an account with them. Hundred percent web hosting service and 100% customer satisfaction will lead to success online. My advice is to give the company a call now and allow them to prove how they can turn the website you have been dreaming of into a real dream business! You can click the blue link at the top.


Let me emphasize that the company's ideal 24/7/365 technical support by experienced IT engineers through email, live chat and phone, is not the only reason why I love this web hosting provider. There are so many more reasons and I will name a few here.
A review of Linux Hosts Inc.

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